Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The New Facebook Office to Menlo Park

 The Social network Facebook has just moved from Palo Alto office operations to Menlo Park, California, United States. This new office will be used as a place to work around two thousand employees of Facebook.  This office occupies a land area of ​​57 hectares, which was previously occupied by Sun Microsystems. As in the previous office, open concept is also applied in this Facebook's new headquarters. Workspace looks made ​​without insulation, so the atmosphere is open in the workspace successfully created.

The space was designed by studio o+a who took time to interview employees to see what they wanted and what would make their work experience better and more productive. But unlike google offices that rely on qualified facilities, offices facebook further highlight the freedom of employees to channel creativity with a number of gravity and the murals that decorate the office space. Employees collaborated with designers throughout the entire process to ensure the best product possible. Because of the differing departmental needs, small neighborhoods within the building were created giving each department its own unique flavor and vibe.

Wondering about the new office of the world's largest social networking?
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