Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Facebook launches new timeline for mobile sites and Android

Facebook launches new timeline for mobile sites and Android
Zuckerberg says “This is the magic of how Timeline works” .Now, Timeline feature not only be enjoyed by the desktop version of Facebook users, but also for its mobile version. Also before this feature can also be enjoyed on the Android platform. Well, this feature has been visited for an IOS-based iPhone users. Facebook announced the launching of their new features to bring the Timeline on the mobile phone with a web format (in m.facebook.com) and for users of Android using Android For their Facebook application.

Facebook shows quick adaptation to the evolving technological developments. Facebook Timeline describes as "time", which begins by displaying a photo on your Facebook page. Timeline features appear to represent the status of postings, photos, links and so forth are made in the past. Complete also the time when the post was made.

Making stories more visual. Your posts now appear in several different ways on your mobile timeline. The photos you share are bigger, and friends you're with and places you visit appear on a map. To learn more about timeline, visit Facebook Timeline.
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