Thursday, 12 January 2012

'Transformer Bajaj' the New Creation of Animated Film Indonesia

A short animated video start circulating among Indonesian Internet users. Animation that shows several things, including scenes bajaj and city bus turned into a robot as Transformers movie.

The interesting thing is the animation is made in Indonesia. The author is named Lakon Animasi studio, according to testimony at his Facebook group, based in Solo, Central Java.

Animation with the title "In A While" it is interesting. The details of the display really shows a typical view of Indonesia.

Starting from a bowl of chicken stamp that is used to provide instant noodles boiled, packs of unfiltered cigarettes, until the vehicle is turned into a robot: bajaj, bike wear, and a city bus with Mom Prayer sticker on the windshield.

Its soundtrack was promising, with the song "Perdamain (peace)" that was delivered Nasyida Ria kasidah group as an opener. Plus all the sound effects clips that feels right in your ear.

Indeed, from the side of the story, the animation is not displaying something promising. The author was aware of it and present the paper "Basi?" towards the end of the video.

This video was apparently still prepared as a "teaser" only. Because, at the end of the video it appears the words "Wait and watch, clip the second half. 2012."
And here the video animation of Transformer Bajaj, Let's watch it!

Source reference: kompas youtube

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wahhh,, aku juga penggila transformenr mas bro! bagus


oww besok nonton bareng aja bro, nice pokoknya filmnya.... semoga cepat dirilis


Bufferinge ra nguati dab.


jahaha yo jelas nak kui dug, isone pas ng internetan paling bek cepet

Keep respect for all
Be happy sob!